Weather talk

The weather is fairly cold locally for the season, but an extra layer is not a bother. So more apt a conversation is security. Without a ton of hyperbole and a flood of links, usage and personal information is why you are seeing most everyone using ‘free services’.  Social relationships are spiking because the technology boom is completely breaking social comprehension of the world they live in.

Why is something being stored relating to what can be found?  The sickness of it is how much marketing is everyday.  If you do not seek out various opinions about, really any matter you seriously have concern about… is frankly, ignorant.  Researching can be exhausting, but if you rely on bias you are facilitating that.  Secure things and work with people.  Share your reason for disagreeing.  Stop imprisoning some of the smartest people for being observant.  Allowing an individual to make a non-baited opinion about what is ‘allowed’.  Maybe stop fighting, especially over text words.

Thank you for reading.  Keep thinking about your well being to help others instead of flip a power leverage trope.