Jailbreaking iDevice Crash-Course

May it be a jolly Tuesday for thee.  I recently had enough incentive to JailBreak my iPhone 3GS.  Mostly because I found memory usage to be poor with iOS 5.x installed and became greatly annoyed with fairly common chops when playing music.  I will share some quick links that helped me to get started and button up the doors I opened.  My biggest draw to JB my phone, was so I can TV-Out on any screen, as the official output support for iOS is actually extremely limited.

I would also like to note for new folks that the Cydia app store, also features paid-for applications.  Please be aware of this when you are browsing about.

Step One: JailBreak device and install Cydia.
Jailbreaking iOS 5.0.1.
The only question I ran into with this guide, was the proper process for entering ‘DFU Mode’.  Below is a helpful video of the button sequence on your device to initiate it:

Step Two: SSH Install and Securing of logins:
Change your Passwords
If you opt to install SSH on your device for console access, please do yourself a favor and plan to change the default user and root password from ‘alpine’.  Otherwise, you are leaving your device wide open.

If you’d like to block some adservers from loading up, you can check this guide.
Connect to your device (FileZilla works too) and browse to the /etc/ folder.  Use the updated hosts file to block common ad servers.  This works wonders for browsing sites on your phones, especially mobile Wikis.  You can also add custom URLs as needed, to ease your web browsing.

Additionally, you can find more applications @  Add to sources as needed to get what you are looking for.

I continue to tinker around with my unlocked phone.  As I stumble upon anything of huge worth, I’ll touch back into this thread. :bunny:

For iPad 2 / iPhone 4s, you need to use Absinthe for the Jailbreak process.


Firefox Cert issues

I was online this morning and thought I was seeing an issue with my web connection.  After some successful ping tests and also seeing IE working properly, I noticed a SSL dialog was displaying behind my Firefox window (version 7.0.1) and thus prevented any other pages to load.

I closed and restarted my browser to get back to proper browsing.  I was also on Facebook, so it was very likely due to a certificate issue there.

Plugin wise, I run NoScript and Adblock Plus.  Just wanted to share for anyone who may encounter a similar issue.