Creative Recon3D PCI-e

Instead of a sudo-review thread, I’ll cut to the cause for return on a Creative Labs Recon3D PCI-e.  Everything was pretty good, except when my front channels got blasted across the wrong speaker placement.

Windows 7 x64 is my OS.

To ‘fix’ the glitch,  I had to use the CP from Creative, to go headphone or from another mode back to 5.1 ch.  If I did a Test run in the CP when it was trippin out, I’d get my mapped channels scattered from their actual placement.  Toggle the output mode and the test was back to right physical outputs.

Luckily local shop didn’t hassle when I returned for faulty surround sound.  I also saw other folks have the same issue (at least since feb ’12) with unsupported promises from Creative for ‘fix in next version’.  Since there aren’t any other viable local card options, to the ordermobile I shall be going.

Looking for an Optical In capable card that will also play it on Stereo mix.  I really would have been set, if this card would properly do 5.1, but alas and goodbye Creative I’ll get the cheaper same spec card and fix it myself.  I hear a few other cards develop an occasional static feedback…  I’d be forced to smash that thing into a rage of rubble.

Edit to retort on stalking them if still an issue with alt, as everything else was pretty enjoyable.  Other options weren’t really sizing up and back on PCI is like my antib0x.