DVI-I to DVI-D mod

It’s been a bit since I ordered any DVI cables and in my haste, I got the wrong one for my LCD.  The NEC LCD I have only accepts DVI-D inputs, while the Video card accepts either one.  Since an RMA on a $10 cable would be nearly the cost, I took to seeing my self-fix options.

Looking at the pin-outs, it turns out the 4 pins and the vertical large one aren’t needed for a digital signal.  If you want to make those DVI-I cables still useful for an LCD, grab your Dremel and get to hacking off those 5 pins.

I just applied said fix and it took about 5 minutes.  Hooked my cable up and confirmed it to be a winner mod.  Extra fun fact.  The vertical pin is larger for DVI-I than DVI-D.  I tried to lo-tech bend the other 4 pins, then noticed the vertical one was larger.