Task Scheduler skips scheduled jobs

Allow me to try and save you some time.  I’ve had an issue where Task Scheduler on Windows machines will run a scheduled task fine if you manually Run it, but any Next Run Time scheduled items will be skipped and unlogged by Windows.  The Task History would also log nothing for the skipped ‘Last Run Time’ process.

Trying to find info on this issue was largely unhelpful.  What I had were jobs that failed to execute as defined by schedule and/or triggers, but a right-click Run for said tasks was fine.  It turns out my issue was related to a Task with a Pending Status.  I tracked said process down in the following tree:

  • Task Scheduler Library
  • Windows Live
  • SOXE

Task name:
Extractor Definitions Update Task

I ended up having to disable this task, as trying to end it, left it in a Pending state.  Upon disabling this I got ~21 ‘Application1’ named windows erroring out, that looked like my cmd tasks scheduled into oblivion.  Closing these error tasks, I jumped back to my main Task list.

To my delight, the custom and desired tasks returned to running on their correct, automatic schedules.
Hopefully this helps you in any instance where Scheduled Tasks do not run, on a Windows box.

TLDR; Check entire TaskScheduler for any Status = Pending tasks.  Try to end them, if that doesn’t work, disable said task.  Mystery fail jobs should return to auto-executing.