How to Hacking

I shared a brief opinion on how to get into hacking and it got a few favorable replies.  Sharing because it’s more a state of mind and lifestyle choice, than reading a guide and following steps.

Also if you have an old hard drive and install CD for whatever operating system. Be ready to reinstall, if you want to learn much about tinkering.

Also ask yourself many questions. Take a known process and come up with an alternate means to get a similar or swifter objective. Hacking is vasty more than accessing other remote systems by unintended means. Ask questions forever and you are da haxor.

P.S.  Use your Imagination.  It’s the most essential part, imo.


This will not have you making animated GIF viruses or logging into remote systems, but it’s a legit method for learning more about things and having fun in the process.  Luckily I’ve been of the quoted mindset since before I can remember.  I’ll thank Atari and Nintendo.  Those games were damn hard to play when you are in single digits of your life :wub:

If one of your thoughts or ideas for something fails to work, you may find that technique help on some other later project.  Think and explore.  Of course you can also read guides and videos, just be sure to put your own spin on it and think about why what worked, and what else might also.




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