Powershell Windows Support

Real quick and dirty, I wanted to note this Chart of Windows Powershell supported operating systems. If you run into some Server 2008 instances, you will want to enable Powershell in Programs | Add Features of your control panel.

Server 2008 R2 ships with Powershell, but Non-R2 versions look to need having it enabled for support. Be warned, some installers just presume powershell is installed, and will error out when that package is running. Happy Admining. :)


Hacking Team leak

There is a 400 GB dump around of the Hacked Team pages where various social network and internal servers were compromised disclosing various international war crimes against human rights, not excluding journalists targets for oppressive government regimes.
Essentially most all of them, despite claims and ‘compliance’ against doing so intentionally.

Recent weeks have been intense with matters such as default Cisco SSH Keys on many devices.


Happy Summer 2015

Keep tinkering and exploring. Personally, I have been playing less games and trying more hardware, different operating systems and things. I have been enjoying trying to project our more learning and reading.

I’ll play an inspired game, but I would rather not waste time on click or pay to win style that dominates most recent video game design.

No hate though. :) Vidya Games for life, just not worth playing most % of it. FTB challenge.
Uninstall Adeobe Flash