Encrypt stuff guide

This thread will be a collection of resources on how to use encryption, tool use suggestions and where possible, usage explanations.

I’m fine with reading technical documents, however I also value time and the ability to convey a point, without a huge time investment. The easier and more clearly encryption can be used, the better everyone will be.
Be it an individual or some sort of state agency / boogeyperson, more layers and protections are a good thing. Having protections does not make one a criminal, either.

CryptSetup LUKS guide. There are command syntax examples and console response dialogs.

Cryptsetup is nice, as it also handles mounting of drives and partitions. If you are unable to mount a drive, you will likely need to install cryptsetup. This should also work to mount any TAILS persistent volumes you have setup.
For more info on DM-Crypt (cryptsetup), the Arch wiki is a great resource.

Samples of flow (1st link)
01 step: install cryptsetup (dm-crypt)
02 step: confirm your drive target and valid partition (gparted or parted to get your /dev/(drive))
03 step: initialize your drive

# cryptsetup -y -v luksFormat /dev/xvdc

(This is setting up your passcode to access drive)
04 step:

# cryptsetup luksOpen /dev/xvdc backup2

(Mounts newly configured drive)
05 step: format the LUKS partiton (needless to say, you really want to have the correct drive or you have lost data on the drive you are using)

# dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/mapper/backup2

(This will take quite some time. Let the cursor do it’s work, check your hdd led to confirm activity)

Google Data Mining

I wanted to share the details listed in Google services with your history. https://history.google.com/history/ will let you check through search history, advertising settings and so on.

To clear them, you want to click the vertical … bar and select Delete options. Pick advanced and All Time.
You will need to do this for each record set / option of google services. If you use chrome and log in, you will surely see some data there. Personally, I think Google is playing a little Cover-Your-Ass by disclosing these tools to general users. Along those lines, I find it hard to pretend other major data players, do not do the same thing with user data.

Here is a guide on the privacy settings. Remember your GPS history is there and that some content will persist, even after a clear all history. You ‘Pause’ the tracking services. Interesting wording there.