BSOD Debugging

I ran into an issue a few years back where a production server was kicking BSOD messages after an OS upgrade.  I had my suspicions but no evidence of what driver was borked, so I grabbed the Windows Debugging Tools.

The cut of that jib is that you’ll be able to run a BSOD dump file and it will process the .dll or similar cause of your BSOD.  I thought I had a topic about this from before but my searches came up dry.

Like most Microsoft tools, their documentation is really shitty.  Peep this MJ post for the overview on how to get rolling for your BSOD debugging.

Today’s cause is 2 like machines with only 1 crashing every 24-36 hours.  One appears to be fixed by video update, while the other remains to be a pain.  Not to be a troll, but these are also Mini ITX machines with AMD CPU and GPU action.  Point there being the temperatures are pretty shitty, but not outside of moderate operational acceptance.


Check this virtualized network security grid out.  While it’s all sorts of flashy, I really appreciate the relevant information presented in the details of flagged objects.

1995 like a Mofo on that virtualization, except it looks to provide viable functionality instead of massive manual port and log scanning.