Partition Recovery

I recall this question coming up before but never could find the old thread, so here’s a new one.  The situation is one of your HDDs gives you the dreaded ‘unallocated partition’ display in Disk Management, as you were wondering why you had no partitions display for that drive.


You likely have a corrupted boot table, but fear not (yet).  You might be able to run TestDisk to fix that partition table and get back into your prior files, completely intact.


Read the wiki carefully before running the program, since partition writes are something you don’t want to do on the wrong drive and paying attention may pay off nicely for you.  It would appear you need to run this program sequence for each partition to be restored.


To be safe, I recovered the 1st partition and am migrating my data, before restoring whatever is on the smaller 2nd partition.  Happy Data recon and partition recovery. :wub:



As for the 2nd partition, my issue actually comes from reporting that the end and start of the 2nd partition intersect one another.  Mighty glad I backed up the 1st data partition before getting data from the second one.

To recover the 2nd partition, I used the browse option in TestDisk (‘P’ to view files I think it was).  When viewing the file structure, you can select the folder and copy it to another disk on your rig.  Be warned, the file browsing folder recovery is a very slow process.  Just under a 1000 files around 80GB, took probably 6+ hours to copy by this method.


Despite being slow, all files did copy from the sub-partition successfully.   That old drive needs a repartition, of only 1 for that drive. :p