Linux – GRUB Changing Boot order

The methods for modifying your default system start have changed quite a bit over the last few years.  I will add more details to this thread as I experiment, and this will be my main source, for it is written up very well and loaded with info!

– Actually, I just edited the “set default=”0″” parameter to define the default option.  Zero index, so count the menuentry item you want 1st, then subtract one from it and change the param.

Spoiler edition / TL;DR

    [*]open your grub.cfg, but do not edit that file
    (command) gksu leafpad /boot/grub/grub.cfg
    [*]search for menuentry in this listing.  Find the OS choices you want.
    [*]open 40_custom and add the menuentry items in the sequence you wish to have your boot order
    (command) gksu leafpad /etc/grub.d/40_custom
    [*]After pasting in the proper and desired ‘menuentry’ items, save the file.
    [*]Backup grub.cfg to a sub-folder and remove it from /boot/grub/ folder.
    [*]Also backup into a sub-folder 30_os-prober & 10_linux (then remove from main folder) which can be found in: /etc/grub.d/
    [*](command) update-grub
    [*]Reboot and see if it worked

    gksu may be redundant as root, but it is a good practice to be in, for other distros as a regular user level account.

    The guide also covers custom splash screens and stuff.  Fun, but I have some other things to finish up on first :)