South Philly Hackerspace

Since I have been fairly light on the forums, I wanted to make a thread about our new Philly Secure Shell hackerspace.  I have been helping setup the location, while Leo has been doing all the coordination, paperwork and intricate work.

We are in the Bok building so you can also checkout Hive 76 (different space – same building), a hardware hackerspace in the building that has been around for some time now.  As for Secure Shell, we just got into the building this month and had a local CTF trial this weekend. <-+ Twitter page for our group.  We have been around for just over a year now and made the jump to getting a space as well.  Feel free to come check us out, we have a meetup page too for month meets and events as they pop up. <-+  MeetUp page.

Personally, I’m into hardware, data recovery and log crawling with SQL database log data archiving & trending.  I’m a fan of chatting and sharing ideas, so this space will be an excellent venue for that.  Shameless plug for 2600 First Fridays as well.  I tend to make most all of the local meetups @ 30th Street Station by the Taco Bell near Bridgewater’s bar.  It’s a really fun time to get out IRL and chat IT or just crack some jokes.  Highly advised, especially if you thought about it but never got around to it yet.