Occasional drafts

No not the military type, but the writing ones. I occasionally write things to paper or digital document before sharing them, but here on the forums, is more a less free-form. I do jump back and edit with note if something changed heavily from original post.

Congratulations on another Friday. The more recent hubbub about security and computers was the shadowbrokers follow-up leak about some windows exploits, especially the smb file sharing ones. If anything is referenced and more commonly learned from this, I hope that ‘when only some people have access to exploits, they will also be used by others’. Even before these leaks dropped, I fathom other persons than the NSA had access to these exploits. Please keep that in mind when there is an attempt to engineer a backdoor into a protocol. By doing such a thing, it would still be an exploit. Remember that people using this stuff in the wild, don’t tend to share that information freely. That would cut into their market share and prevent them from making lots of money, doing seemingly unknown methods to reach a goal.

Relaxing a little bit, if you enjoy playing Castlevania-type games, I would suggest trying Hollow Knight. It’s a platformer with hand-drawn art and an atmospheric, creepy and interesting world to explore. Between power ups and world exploration, you should have a good time. Especially since some zones are worth re-visiting as you gain new abilities. My friend suggested this one and I am pretty impressed with it. I’m about 4 zones in so far and am around of 11 hours of play.

Jumping back to security stuff… if you don’t have an active patch policy, enforce one asap instead of waiting for approval. I’ve been there and seen the political attempts to defer updates (especially for OS’) but seriously just ask for forgiveness if there is an issue, because you cannot really justify the negligence of letting it slide anymore. Particularly for anything you have with open-facing internet ports and accepted routes in your firewall.

Hopefully you had a happy 4/20 yesterday. Or as I recently learned, Lima bean respect day.