Security & SXSW data

While my local posts have been light on the security front, I have been doing a bit of the data aggregation of content on social networks and a bit of testing of my own. Recent subjects here cover removed content on these networks and spring boards into becoming the new propaganda mechanism to replace the television. #JustinBieber, so on and so forth.

I got to explain what a hashtag is to my grandparents yesterday, that was quite funny. Speaking of the subject, do not forget that Windows XP end of life support is coming quite soon. April 8th 2014 to be exact.

I have deployed some 2012 Server installs. Granted I had to regHack 2008 compatibility back in quite a bit, largely because Windows 8 removed the config options, but the registry remains intact. Core services tend to operate as in 2008 / 2003, for the most part.

Anyhow, Enjoy some Snowden and Assange talks. You are likely aware of the global surveillance happening, that has been for a decade or so by GCHQ and NSA. These talks from 2014-03-08 will encapsulate the current state of these. Keep on keeping on friends. :)

(Julian Assange @ SXSW)

(Edward Snowden @ SXSW)
These are remote videos, because both are in exile.