Spoof Attack Theories

Oh hey.  One of my theories about IP and attack spoofing being leveraged to make ‘enemies’ appears to be a real thing..  If you also thought it was convenient that attacks from “China” matched up with current global news, then got extra suspicious when “Russia” became a buzzword source of hacking theft claims, to match local and national news… you might be interested in Monstermind.  This is a NSA project.

Samba is likely a familiar topic for any Linux users, who interact with Windows environments.  Last week or so, it was disclosed that an exploit allowing Root (superuser) access was found in the SMB equivalent, Samba.

Also of note are the newer cars with big old exploit issues.  Bluetooth running on the same bus as the steering and brake systems, is kind of a huge issue. Top models to be exploited are:

    [*]2014 Jeep Cherokee
    [*]2014 Infiniti Q50
    [*]2015 Escalade


    TOR has been shown to be violated a few solid times now, but also in the last week or so, more info on the tainted endpoints has been covered.  Also of note, Blackhat 2014 conference was within the last week or so.  As this is where some of these conversations hit the public dialog.

    This may be a re-covering of the http://www.wired.com/2014/08/operation_torpedo/]malware that was planted on some Tor nodes to infect users, by that good olde FBI.[/url]