Spying by Government Agencies

I’ve been trying to keep up on things regarding information security for quite some years. Issues and concerns post 2001-09-11 (9/11 as the media calls it) had been a president for huge erosion of privacy for domestic spying on citizens, politicians and businesses.

Over the last few years, these issues have been proven, but now thank to #SEA (Syrian Electronic Army), details and costs from Microsoft have been proven and disclosed on how this spying is happening and being itemized by the companies to respond to government requests, with a scope of how often this is / was occurring. Trade secrets have also been recently confirmed to have been stolen from major firms in other nations.

As for Microsoft, they are charging $50 to $200 per request, totalling hundreds of thousands of dollars per month. Considering this is likely paid from tax money and unlisted black budget funds, it especially highlights the lack of oversight or consent that has occurred in this domestic spying process.

It has been awhile since I had a heady topic on InfoSec here @ Funtime. That should do some justice. I have been having fun watching content be removed from my Facebook pages, with very occasional #FreeAnons info being blocked or removed on the Twitter. I’ll add them to my profile details (On my Profile Bio page). We can be all social network spam bots. :ninjawub: However.
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