Community based group

Hello. I have been thinking as I search the IT industry for a new position and I have decided Bliss PC will be a Non-Profit Charity based entity. I will do training, support, design and consulting for IT and potentially other systems as well.

I have been interested in instruction for years, but do not have the time or financial resources to obtain a Masters Degree to do so. Thus I will offer assistance via my experience and exposure to various systems and persons. Donations are always welcome, but surely not enforced. Friends to FunTimeBliss should be familiar with this format.

If you are interested and would like me to travel, I would like to ask for assistance with the commute fees. If I have friends in the region who can host me for a few days, I would likely rest there overnight.

Feel free to get at me on LinkedIn as well. You can review my various experience over the last 13+ years.