Task details grep-like filtering

Say you are checking you tasklist output for a certain Windows process id (pid) that matches your netstat -o output.  These commands are helpful but matching the output can be annoying, even if you output them to a text file.  By the way, context wise this process is a throwback to the Bitcoin Miner Malware removal thread, as it could help for any open port you want to reference back to a running process.

If you want to see what said PID in your netstat output is with a single CLI string, here is a helpful pipe option.
tasklist | findstr “PID#”

IE: running tasklist | findstr “812” on my system throws details on wininit but also shows other process IDs with 812 in them.

I think of this as a light grep-like command you can do in Windows.  Like Linux, ‘|’ (piping) will take the output of your first command and run the 2nd command against it.  The tasklist find is a common and moderately easy grep-like thing you may want to do often if you are checking a machine for open ports and trying to correlate what process details are for said PID linked to those open ports.